CGA-1 Action & Gun Cleaner 6oz Aerosol

Price: $8.25
Item Number: 21502
CGA-1 is an advanced formula that removes built up carbon powder residues, grease and lubricant residues, dirt, waxes, and lead or plastic particles that have accumulated in the action, chamber or firing mechanism of a firearm. Many gun cleaners are only solvents which perform a degreasing action, but do very little to dissolve carbon residues. This product will soften and dissolve these materials and help flush them from the firearm with a minimum of physical scraping. Masters Action & Gun Cleaner is formulated to scrub these materials from your system and prepare it for re-lubrication without causing dried out appearance that some firearm cleaning solvents produce. Masters Action & Gun Cleaner contains a synthetic lubricant component which penetrates the close fitting and inaccessible areas of your firearm to leave a slight amount of residual lubrication and corrosion protection. Apply straight out of can or attach the "extension straw" for a more powerfull stream and with the "spray anyway" valve you may apply CGA-1 when the can is upside down. SPECIAL NOTE: This product is safe on fine finishes and gold leaf. Product Code: 21502

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