CB-2 Bore Cleaner 7oz Aerosol

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Item Number: 21602
7oz Aerosol CB-2 Bore Cleaner is formulated to chemically scrub, strip and remove built up lubricants, carbon, powder, grease, waxes, lead, copper, plastic and even Moly residues that have accumulated within your bore. Specially formulated solvents delivered with a powerful stream perform a degreasing action that softens and dissolves these materials then blasts them from the bore and firearm, freely and effectively. CB-2 is ideal for Military, Tactical Law Enforcement, Personal Protection, Competitive Shooting, Hunter or Gunsmithings. Apply straight out of can or attach the "extension straw" for a more powerfull stream and with the "spray anyway" valve you may apply CB-2 when the can is upside down. WARNING: This product is not intended for use outside the barrel. Do not allow CB-2 to come in contact with fine finishes and always use caution when spraying solvents. Product Code: 21602

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