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Sometimes, lower cost “synthetic” additives are included in order for the manufacturer to claim their product “synthetic” but provide relatively little performance improvement. Since firearms may be used in dangerous situations where reliability is absolutely critical, performance should never be sacrificed to make a cheaper product. Masters Gun Care Products are made from materials normally passed over by many producers because of the high cost. Although we understand the need and desire to make “price points” and “profit margins” as a selling point, we also believe performance should not be sacrificed. Therefore, you will never find low grade synthetics, petroleum, Chlorine, Teflon, Moly or Graphite in Masters Gun Care Products.

Because a synthetic lubricant is man-made, it can be designed or engineered to provide the exact characteristics that are desired. Choosing the right synthetic to match the job is very important. Each additive provides different benefits and liabilities. The characteristics I considered important for a firearm lubricant are listed below with a description of how they affect performance.

Viscosity - the measure of a fluid's resistance to flow as related to its mass. For a lubricant, a higher viscosity typically creates a thicker film layer on metal. For high velocity friction, this layer prevents metal to metal contact. Viscosity decreases as temperature increases, so film layers are reduced as a firearm heats up. Choosing the right viscosity for the application is very important.

Viscosity Index - the measure of how much viscosity is affected by temperature. Masters Gun Care Products proprietary formulation has a very high viscosity index. This allows a higher viscosity material to be used. It remains functional at a very low temperature while still maintaining a protective film thickness at high temperatures. The viscosity index can be influenced by additives, but they tend to quickly breakdown. Masters Gun Care Products do not use any viscosity modifiers.

Pour Point - the lowest temperature that a fluid will still flow. Masters Gun Care Products proprietary formulation has a pour point of –60°F. This means the operating temperature range should cover any normal condition encountered by a personal firearm and will perform well in even the most extreme situations. The pour point can also be affected by use of additives. Masters Gun Care Products do not use any pour point depressants.

Volatility - the tendency of a product to vaporize at a relatively low temperature. Volatility can vary quite a bit even within the same class of synthetics. Some lubricants evaporate very quickly. Masters Gun Care Products proprietary formulation has a very low volatility, which means increased staying power, especially in high temperature applications under extreme conditions.

Polarity - a characteristic of the products molecular structure. Masters Gun Care Products proprietary formulation is naturally Polar. This means it is attracted by or attaches to metal. Polarity also helps reduce the volatility and the attraction of charged dust particles. This is a significant advantage. Some commonly used synthetics are not at all Polar in character.

Solubility- Because of the polarity and its general chemical makeup, Masters Gun Care Products proprietary formulation helps prevent carbon from becoming tightly attached to metal surfaces. It keeps this carbon material in a soft residue form, which does not inhibit the firearms operation. When Masters Gun Care Products are used, cleaning is much easier. Some lubricants have no effect on carbon residues and allow them to deposit on metal surfaces, instead of keeping them dissolved and in a soft form. The oil might look cleaner, but the powder residue is stuck to the gun.

Corrosion Protection - Corrosion prevention is largely controlled by additives used in the formulation. Most lubricants have very little natural corrosion protection properties. Masters Gun Care Products has selected State-of-the-Art additives to provide the best corrosion protection possible for the firearms application.

Wear Protection - There are many types of wear which may be described as Fretting, Pitting, Micro- Pitting, Scuffing, Spalling, Fatigue, Brinnelling and others. Each one is caused by different situations.

The right combination of lubricant and additives allow a product to be tailored to best match the wear conditions encountered by a firearm. Masters Gun Care Products proprietary formula is designed to provide that protection in small and large caliber firearms. Masters Gun Care Products development efforts initially started with our flagship product, Synthetic Gun Oil OGS-3.  We then incorporated it into Masters Aerosol Synthetic Lubricant & Protectant PLS-4.  But we did not stop there.  We formulated an action cleaner, a bore cleaner and a grease that are based on synthetic chemistry. 

As a bonus, all of Masters Gun Care Products aerosol offerings are charged with a CO2 propellant. This means Masters Gun Care Products are easier to store and are safer for the ozone. Masters Gun Care Products are unique when compared with some other products currently on the market. Below is a brief description and summary of each product offered by Masters. When used in combination or alone, the end result is increased performance, easier clean-up and less corrosion and wear to your firearm.


Introducing Masters

Premium Cleaning and Lubricating Products

Masters Action & Gun Cleaner CGA-1 is used to dissolve and flush away dirt and residues from firearm surfaces and actions. The unique characteristic of this product is that it does a better job of dissolving carbon residues while not leaving a white powdery residue on the firearm surfaces as many currently marketed products do. A small amount of lubricant/protectant will remain after the cleaner has evaporated. A small bore delivery straw is provided when you need a little more aggressive stream to help flush away dirt and residue. And with Masters, you get a spray anyway valve system that means you can even spray upside down.

Masters Bore Cleaner CB-2 is also unique. In addition to removing lead, copper, plastic and powder residues, it also aids in removal of moly build up which may occur in some shooting situations. The aerosol spray container works quite well when applying Masters Bore Cleaner straight to patches, without the concern for spilling a jar or having to dip a patch. A small bore delivery straw is also provided when you need additional help with blasting away hard-to-reach areas and again with Masters spray anyway valve system, you can even spray upside down.

Masters Synthetic Gun Oil OGS-3 is our flagship product. It is a proprietary formula designed  to provide excellent lubrication and corrosion protection across a wide temperature range. This product will reduce hard carbon deposition and make cleaning easier. The natural polarity aids in attachment to metal and reduced attraction of dust. It has an extremely high lubricity and a very low volatility to provide long lasting performance in the most demanding situations.

Masters Synthetic Lubricant/Protectant PLS-4 provides the same great benefits of our OGS-3 in a convenient aerosol form. The Soft Touch Finger Pad nozzle provides a fine mist for a smooth even coating for final application prior to firearm storage. The delivery straw also allows precise delivery of product to hard–to-reach points where lubrication is desired.

Masters Synthetic Grease GS-2 is also derived from a high performance synthetic basestock. It offers corrosion protection and excellent friction and wear performance. It is light yellow in color, and spreads to form a clear film on the firearm. It’s a very clean product, which does not leave a dark residue when handling. Packaged in a convenient syringe with a twist lock reclosable pin-point applicator tip, you can safely store it in your shooting bag, range box or workbench drawer without discharging during handling.


None of Masters Gun Care Products contain Chlorine, Moly, Graphite or Teflon. They are intended to provide the best performance possible with today’s technology.  Masters offers you over 10 years of marketing premium products and  with lots of products to choose from, we believe there is no place for a product that is not “top of the line”. We enjoy serving the firearms market and hope you will join us to …

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