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Rick Harris
Considerably Superior.  
Masters OGS3 makes cleaning the firearm much easier.  Also, where the firearm stops functioning reliably i have simply applied Masters OGS-3 to the action and manually cycled the bolt a few times and teh firearm again functioned properly.

RS, Quincy, IL

I used OGS-3 during the winter indoors pistol league on my Ruger MKII pistol.  Cleaning was far easier, carbon removal was eaier then other products and lubrication was slick.  Great product!

J.B. Lawrence

I have used the Masters Gun Care Products for about a year now and have been completely satisfied.  They really do perform well over a wide range of temperatures.  And they do make the cleaning easier.  I would recommend this product to anyone who likes to shoot.

Matt Sanders
Just want to give Masters some Credit. Read more...I have been using Brand X ( not names but its major brand and now available at your local big box store, could be the problem) on My AR-15 bolt and carrier and have had a bad experience the last 2 times I used Brand X on the bolt. I shot a local Match then placed the gun in the safe a week later I grab the rifle and the bolt would not open had to pry it open after investigation cause was the bolt was so caked up it would not allow the rifle to cycle. Last weekend I shot another match with much the same round count This time I used Masters OGS 3 to coat the bolt and carrier the day after the match I took the gun down for a follow up to find it cycling fine and still very wet with oil as a whole and the Bolt was not nearly as dirty and was much easier to clean. Thanks for the Great Product plan to use a lot more of it in the future.

Jim Gourley of Setter Dogs
I am a bird dog trainer, hunter, and compete in field trials. These activities are extremely tough on guns. I train, hunt, and compete year round exposing my guns to wet, muddy, cold, snowy, hot, dry, and dusty conditions. Masters Gun Care Products keep my guns lubricated, protect against corrosion, and provide anti-wear protection. Timing is the key in dog training so your gun must operate correctly in these critical situations. In trialing, the difference between a 1st place finish and nothing is the reliability of your gun firing when needed. I count on Masters to provide that reliability- every time-all the time!

CG of St. Joseph, MO
Installing a Magazine Well into a 1911, I used the OGS-3 for drilling and taping the extended mag. well holes. It worked very well. Drill speed was slow, heat minimal. I will continue to use the product. Thanks a lot.

Steve CulverCulver Knives and Gunsmithing

My first experience with Master’s products was on a semi-auto shotgun brought to my shop by an avid waterfowl hunter. The customer’s complaint was that the gun failed to close on a fresh round when it got cold. The shotgun was fairly new and showed no signs of wear, but it was dirty, so I assumed that cleaning and re-lubing would fix the problem. I cleaned the gun and re-lubed it with a very popular petroleum based gun oil. The gun fired perfectly while it was still warm. The temperature was around 30 degrees. I test fired the gun again, and it would not operate reliably now that it was cold. It was during my work with this gun that I received a sample pack of Master’s products. I cleaned the gun again and re-lubed it with the Master’s lubricants. After leaving the gun to chill to 30 degrees again, I test fired it and had no problems with it. A couple of days later, I took the gun to a local sporting clays range. The temperature was around 10 degrees that day. I left the gun in an outside gun rack for an hour and then used it to shoot a round of 50 targets. The gun performed flawlessly. Powder residue wipes off of my gun’s stainless steel parts easily and makes clean-up much easier.

I have started using OGS-3 on the blades of the custom knives that I make. My knives are handled by a lot of people at knife shows and it is a challenge to keep fingerprints off of the blades. I hope to find that fingerprints wipe off easily and the OGS-3 will protect the blades from damage. If I find this to be true, I will be recommending OGS-3 to other knife makers.

WD of Topeka, KS

I shoot in excess of 10,000 shells a year through a Perazzi, Krieghoff and several Beretta's. Master's Gun Care products are the best I have found in more than 20 years of competitive shooting and hunting. I encourage all my friends to use these great cleaning and lubrication products for their fine guns, too.

DZ of Arcadia, MO

I had no problem with it when I was goose hunting in January using semi-automatic shotgun or in my .22 Buckmark at 55 degrees. It worked well through 500 rounds in one setting in my 1911's... Shot 400 rounds during skeet shoot and again it worked excellent! Carbon residue was a snap to remove!

DH of Auburn, IL

I've tried OGS-3 for several months... The bolt stayed lubricated longer and did not dry out or leak out when storing the rifle... The carbon build up on the end of the bolt stayed soft and was easy to remove.


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