2oz OGS-3 Synthetic Gun Oil

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Item Number: 27102
Masters OGS-3 Synthetic Gun Oil has been specially formulated using a proprietary base stock which adds polarity to attach to metal and repel charged dust particles. It is extremely thermally stable with a very low volatility for long lasting lubrication. Selected additives have been included to provide advanced corrosion protection, improved lubricity and anti-wear protection. Masters products contains no Chlorine, Teflon (Reg. Trademark of DuPont), Moly or graphite. Masters OGS-3 will not become gummy or sticky with age, even under the most extreme conditions. OGS-3 will perform well from sub zero conditions to extreme desert heat. Whether you are Military, Tactical Law Enforcement, Competitive Shooter, Hunter, Gunsmith or Personal Defense, Masters OGS-3 Gun Oil will keep your firearm lubricated for extended periods under the most demanding conditions. Use of this product will help prevent hard carbon buildup. Cleaning is much easier with continued use of OGS-3 gun oil. When reliability is a must, Masters should be your first choice. Packaged in a small oval squeeze bottle with a flip top applicator, this product can easily be taken to the field, used on the bench or carried in the range box. Flat sided bottle prevents it from rolling off a flat surface and is easily carried in your pocket.

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